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Use this doc to create and send beautiful emails

This doc uses HTML code (credits to Ben Lee) and the Gmail Pack to send branded emails with tables.

Created by:
@Héctor Reyes

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Step 1:

Use to setup your brand colors.
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Step 2:

Use to setup your logo, table name, table columns and email footer.
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Step 3:

In , create a new email and setup recipient name, to, cc, subject, email tittle and email body.
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Step 4:

In add the rows to the table you want to sent, you can send text or numbers.
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Step 5:

In enter an email address to send a test email or double check everything and send the email to final recipient.
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Step 6:

You can clear every row in the section and start again to send a new email.
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Use cases:
Send quotes and proposals to your clients
Send data summaries
Send a weekly schedule

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Last update: 10/June/2021

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