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Easily manage, schedule and publish your social media content

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@Héctor Reyes

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This doc uses and to easily send content from Coda to Socialbee to then be published in different social media accounts like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.
Here´s a link to the Zap that runs this doc: feel free to create a copy.

How to use this doc:

Start by writing down the authors you’ll be working with in the section (or it could be only you)
Add new content ideas here:
Set up your Zapier and Socialbee account with .
Once you’re ready to publish something, go to and click “Send to Socialbee” this will send the Copy, Publish Date and Image URL to your Socialbee.
Go to your Socialbee acocunt to approve content.
Use the to plan and schedule your content.
Use the page to send reminders to the authors.

Have any questions or need help? Send me a DM →

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