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A CRM job search and activity tracker with strategy analytics.

🎯 Objectives/Goals

When actively seeking a new employment opportunity, it can be a stressful experience. Furthermore, the amount of time that is involved in tracking applications, status of applications, activity around applications, and success against an individual’s job seeking strategy can be very time consuming. Some of the challenges often faced by individuals when tracking their job application pipeline include:
No centralized location (e.g. in a Google Sheet or Excel document resulting in disparate files and data to be managed)
Difficulty assessing pipeline stages and potential segmentation performance
Having to pay for a platform for a more cohesive tracking experience
The goal of this doc is to provide a FREE tracking doc (including being able to utilize a free coda account type) that will meet the core job tracking needs for many job seekers - potentially saving both time and money.

🤸 Who is this Doc for?

Individuals actively engaging in seeking a new job opportunity AND that want to:
Track active applications and statuses
Track activity around specific job opportunities
Assess job search strategy success, including with segmentation analysis

🌟 Ready to Get Started?

Copy this doc
Create a (the free plan will suffice for use of this doc)
Explore the , , , , and pages. Watch this brief walk-through video reviewing use of this doc. ​
When ready,
Delete All Test Data
Get using!
Specify the > My Segments you’d like to monitor
Add your first submitted application to your
When ready, add activity (e.g. contacted by HR, Interviewed, etc.) and/or status changes to respective opportunities tracked at your
Monitor your application funnel at your
Filter activity by date at your


Q: I’ve got a question or feedback, how do I share such?

A: Please submit your questions or feedback
. Much appreciated!

Q: What are some examples of leveraging the segments with my job search?

A: The Segments you define in this doc to track your job search opportunities against can be used to support various purposes. You can use them to track job opportunities you’re applying to and success through the funnel:
Across different industries (e.g. attempting to break into a new industry)
Across different job roles (e.g. reach opportunities vs. lateral moves, career shifts, etc.)
Similar industry and role types but want to A/B test something new about your application (e.g. a redesigned resume, networking opportunity, etc.)
Any series of roles and have a specific way you want to monitor success by your own custom segments

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