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Kubernetes architecture

Micro Services

We can run each micro services like frontend, backend, database etc in each separate container which can help us in scaling different micro services differently based upon their needs.

Orchestrators (Kubernetes or any Cloud native applications )

Helps us in deploying and managing containers dynamically.
Deploy applications.
Zero downtime during updates and other situations.
Scale applications
Self Heal containers when they go down.

Kubernetes helps us in
Run Kubernetes in our own cloud, or any other cloud services.
We can migrate from one cloud to another.
Services can be replicated, scaled and has fault tolerance and self healing of clusters and we can use volumes, external storage, load balancing
We can store sensitive information like passwords

Kubernetes Clusters:
K8S Clusters are collection of control plane and worker nodes. Worker nodes are basically servers or virtual machines where the applications are run and the control plane helps in managing various worker nodes. Kubectl CLI is used to access control plane just like docker run in docker…
Kubernetes Objects(Tools)
Kubernetes Pod - Scheduling Unit

Running applications in Kubernetes
Create micro service for each part of the application i.e. for frontend one Micro-service, for backend one and for database one etc
Running each micro service in separate containers.
Put containers in its own Pods
Deploy these Pods to controllers

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