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Stay Happy! Stay Connected!

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Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

Stave off anxiety and isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown - express yourself, connect with your loved ones, and channel your energy in a positive fashion!

Below are two easy ways to do just that:

In these uncertain times, it's easy to feel disengaged, isolated, and anxious! But writing out your feelings can help you reduce anxiety, regain control of your mindset, and connect with others around you. Knowing how your nearest and dearest are feeling, and letting them know you feel, can also help bring you closer together and check in on one another - it's good to have a support network at times like this.

Invite some friends to share feelings and observations in the sentiment tracker that lives

It's also important to stay busy and focused - and I'm sure your friends are coming up with lots of ideas to pass the time, and stay engaged. Why not share with one another, and see what new games and activities you can invent together. Use to do just that!
To share this doc and get started with your friends, just hit the "copy doc" button at the top of this doc, and then invite whomever you'd like to your own version - totally free!
And if you just need a little pick me up - have a listen:

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