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If you want a creative way to share some love and send an interactive card to celebrate someone in your life, this is a brilliant way to do it! It's great for all occasions, personal and professional: birthdays, mother's day, wedding or work anniversaries, wedding congrats, new hire welcomes, celebrating a big close at work...the list goes on and on..
In this example, Prince Harry has put together a coda doc to help the Royal Family celebrate the Queen's birthday!
He did this by creating a where he could celebrate his Granny with a fun and interactive random photo generator, (which everyone in the card can contribute pics to - stored in this ), and then building sections for each family member to leave the Queen a personal message for her birthday (e.g. one or from )! Finally he put a section together where anyone can - which ties directly to youtube (you can also link to spotify if you prefer!). Then he invited all of his family to edit the doc, so they could contribute to the card and all the fun sections he's made!
Feel free to browse around, and if you like what you see, you can copy this template and make your own card! Don't be afraid to experiment, get even more creative and add different fun elements. There are some more detailed instructions on how the inner plumbing works
Have fun and share the love!

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