Hiring Pipeline Sync: Path to Green!

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Hiring Pipeline Sync: Path to Green

Run a great hiring sync that goes over pipeline stats, key agenda topics, and priority candidates.

Have a standing meeting agenda for hiring syncs.

The best way to align the entire hiring team (recruiters and hiring managers) is to have a clear Path to Green for your roles!
By using the quantitative data (pipeline numbers) as a benchmark for the health of your pipeline (red, yellow, green) you can then add qualitative insight and strategy to create a path to a green pipeline!
Using the structure described below, you can have a more strategic, informed, and collaborative partnership vs a combative relationship with unclear goals and ownership. Setting up regular hiring syncs is crucial to achieving this Path To Green mentality.
To have a great hiring sync instead of just an okay one:
The hiring team is aligned on open headcount and target timelines to hire for open roles
You keep a close pulse on pipeline health and momentum
You work through clear agenda items & driving strategic conversations

How to run a hiring sync in 30 mins.

High Level Pipeline Stats (10 mins)
Quantitative Evaluation: How confident are we that we are filling all open headcount by the target timeline.
Look at # hires in the quarter so far and determine whether current momentum is on track to hit quarterly goals.
Look at the # of candidates in the different stages of the pipeline and compare to historic data to help determine if we are on track, or need to accelerate/decelerate.
Qualitative Evaluation: How do we feel about everything not captured by those metrics (e.g. a hard to hire specialty role, market or process issues.)
Note: Should be about 5-10 min spent on pipeline stats during most syncs unless we have an issue with hiring speed, then we need to dig in.
Agenda Topics (10 mins)
Path to Green - Topic items related to blockers, accelerators, and best practices to get us to green () at any stage of the hiring funnel.
Broader Topic - Higher level issues e.g. process reform, new dashboards, quarterly targets etc.
High Value Candidates in the Pipeline (10 mins)
{selling} have received but not yet accepted an offer, or seem promising → ensure we have all the right people talking to them and have a strategy how to get them to accept

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