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Second Brain App V1.3

Welcome to your new second brain powered by Chat GPT &

I'm super excited to share my very first FREE template with you all!

Now, I gotta be honest, since this is my debut into the world of free templates, it might be a bit rough around the edges. But I'll be maintaining and updating it as time moves on so make sure you move my newsletter into your primary inbox so you dont miss out on the free updates!

If you have any feedback or want to expand this system for your business or career you can book a call with me here to discuss:

Let's do this! 🚀

How this doc works

You'll need an Open AI account / api key to use this doc. Its free to sign up and they usually give free credits / its super cheap. I used just 20 cents building this doc out over 2 weeks! Sign up here:

Once done go to -> Insert -> OpenAI Chat GPT -> Settings -> Add your API Key

Theres a few pages in this doc so heres a quick sitemap to help you get around:

- The page that holds everything together! Use this page to see an overview of notes, filter by tag and a few other cool features.

I suggest adding colors and emojis to make it feel personal to you.

- A quick overview of data. (Quite minimal - Will update this in the next patch).

- A place where we write the prompts that are fed to Chat GPT. Feel free to edit the text to produce different results.

- Where all of your notes to be processed live. In my video I used Todoist with a zap hook to import notes. If you would like me to help you setup this automation as well you can book a call here:

I've also left a form in this section in case you do want to use coda forms. Just click options -> Publish form to get a web link. Pro tip: Save the bookmarked form to your phone homescreen for quick and easy access.

- Is a unique page that stores all of your second brain notes and also a table of tags ready for you to edit. I've left some basic ones in there for you.


This is the start of my journey to provide more useful docs, systems and apps for you guys to use. Feedback is really crucial in this journey so if you have any ideas what-so-ever feel free to email me

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