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AI Team Assistant V1.0

Intro Video

Watch this video first and then scroll down for instructions.


Why this doc

In the modern day and age of zoom meetings, remote work and starbucks hangouts we’ve lost opportunistic time for fun in our companies.
Fun is the difference between a creative and productive team or a negligent and poor performing one.
But the time investment to run regular events and keep up with things is also extremely time consuming on, what is an already very busy, product managers schedule.
This doc aims to solve both of those issues. Run automated health checks with AI. Reignite passions in your teams work again. 🔥

Doc Setup

Please check these off once done:
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This doc uses the gmail pack. Type /gmail → click settings on the right → add your account.
This doc uses an automation to send out the email each week. To change the time go to settings → Automations → Edit the time and date of the first step.
Once you’re finished you’ll probably want to start setting up your

Video Tutorial

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