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Meeting Points Generator Tool

Use this tool to generate meeting points you can discuss in your upcoming meeting.
Try entering combos in the input fields to help simulate conversations that can give you ideas and solve problems.
Combo Ideas:
Sales + How to get leads on twitter
Marketing + Whats a quick way to get more impressions on instagram
Great topic for a meeting! Here are some potential meeting points to consider:
Partner with local pools and beaches to promote water safety. See if they would be willing to display flyers or posters with important safety tips or even host a water safety workshop.
Use social media to spread the word about water safety. Consider creating a hashtag specifically for the campaign and encourage followers to share their own safety tips or experiences.
Host a community event focused on water safety. This could include a safety demonstration or even a fun activity like a water relay race, with safety tips incorporated throughout.
Reach out to local schools and sports teams to promote water safety. Consider offering a workshop or presentation specifically for coaches or PE teachers, and encourage them to incorporate water safety into their own curriculum.
Consider partnering with a local organization or business to sponsor a water safety giveaway or raffle. This could include items like life jackets or other safety gear, and could help spread the word about the importance of water safety.
Overall, there are many creative and effective ways to promote water safety and have a successful campaign this summer. With the right planning and execution, you can make a real impact and help keep your community safe around the water.

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