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Preparation Checklist

CLOSED DATES: Dec 16 to Jan 15 (
@kyle pendergast
@Angela Gonzaga
, and our CRP team will be active during this time)
As we approach the commencement of our furlough period, we want to ensure you feel prepared, supported, and secure both professionally and personally. We have compiled a quick checklist designed to help you navigate the days leading up to and during the furlough. Our goal is to provide clear guidance and peace of mind, so you can enter this furlough with confidence and focus on your well-being. We are hopeful that this will lead to an enjoyable time away and a stronger return.
Finalize Current Projects:
Ensure that all current projects are at a logical stopping point.
Document the status and next steps for each project for a smoother transition post-furlough.
April or Sharon will meet with you individually to go over any open items and ensure any pre-furlough questions are answered.
Set Up Automated Email Responses:
Activate out-of-office replies on your email to note your unavailability during the furlough period. Here is a sample blurb to use on your OOO:
Please note I will be OOO from December 16, 2023, to January 16, 2024. During my absence, please direct your emails to the following:
Retreats >>
Fundraising >>
Mingle or Tech Support >>
Update Your Work Calendar:
Clear or reschedule meetings and Asana deadlines that fall within the furlough period.
Block your calendar so that future meetings cannot be booked during the furlough period.
Understand & Apply For Unemployment Benefits:
If you have not already, please gather information on how to apply for unemployment benefits if eligible.
Mental Health and Well-being:
Plan activities or routines to maintain mental and emotional well-being during the furlough. (Or get Lasik!)
Stay Informed:
We will communicate any important updates to you via your email with a copy to your personal email address. Please be sure to check for any important updates that may be made.
Ensure that your current contact information (including your phone number) is updated in Gusto for any urgent communications.
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