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Equity Management

Founders, investors, and employees all want ownership of your company.
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So you've built or are building your team and are trying to figure out how to divvy out all that stock. Our first tip? Don't wait too long.

When to make an equity plan

Unless you're a self-financed or bootstrapped solo founder, this can be delayed until you bring on a partner or fundraise.

What is equity management

Equity management (also known as cap table management) is the system for managing ownership stakes, types of shares, and option pools. Founders, investors, or employees can have ownership, including equity dilution and the total value of equity. A cap table helps understand who owns what, at each stage of the business. Most startups create a voting agreement for common and preferred shares, which determines who needs to vote on company decisions.
The leader in the equity management space is Carta, with a slightly cheaper solution being . Both of these companies will fully manage your cap table, send certificates to investors, help you issue options to employees, run annual 409(a) valuations, and model scenarios.
Equity management suggested vendors
Our Pick
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Manage your parters, employees, and investors cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans. This creates a single source of truth for accepting electronic securities, exercising options without paperwork, tracking vesting schedules, pulling tax forms, expense accounting, and also includes 409A valuation services. Carta Launch was created for early stage companies with less than 25 stakeholders and 500k in funding, at no cost to you through your law firm.
Visit Site ↗️ is a cloud-based cap table management tool that replaces excel and email for cap table creation and sharing. offers founders quick guided creation, easy sharing and grant verification features and powerful visual round and exit modeling. This product has a free version and then jumps to paid.
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