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A tool for handstanding
Hi friends! We are developing a tool to help you track, train and show off your inversions. Handstander uses AI and Machine Learning to simply help track your handstand journey all from your phone camera. We want to make it easy for you to see progress over time and feel motivated.
Simply open the app, start a new practice session, place your phone down, and practice away! The Handstand Vision AI will pay attention to you through the camera in your phone, and automatically track every handstand. No need to start and stop timers, no need to keep a log book, and no need to clutter up your phone with hundreds of video clips! Every handstand is tracked, perfectly.
From this point, the choice is yours - just use the tracking and watch as your skills grow over time... OR... go deeper and complete the tough challenges to earn achievements and rewards!

Where are we now?

We are currently in the process of community building and optimising our computer vision model. Training the AI requires lots of data, in fact currently we are after a 500 video submission goal of different inversions to use. Follow our to see how you can help us train the model. So far the response has been incredible and we are working hard to make sure your input turns into an awesome product for us all.
If you would like to hear more please feel free to reach out, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Handstander League

Our first Handstander league is running from the 6th October to the 5th November.
Send in your video and we will run it through the proprietary software, add you to the leaderboard and give you back a video of your attempt.


Facebook Group:
The Team
Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 10.13.38.png
Harry Naden-caldwell
An engineer that is passionate about designing great products that improve or enhance people lives. Body weight training and handstands has become another passion hoping to gain full control over his body and mind at any given moment.
Co-Founder, Design Lead
Callisthenics, Acro, BJJ
Jack (1).jpg
Jack Cotton-Brown
Founder, Tech Lead
Yoga, Athletic Breathwork, Handstands
IOS Engineer position available
Looking for an experienced IOS developer to join our team. Your responsibility would be to assist Jack in developing out the App on IOS. If you are enthusiastic and competent at your craft this could be an opportunity to get involved into a new age of technology. If you are inspired by developing products that positively impact wellbeing and challenge people to grow then please get in touch. Message us through LinkedIn or our Facebook group.
IOS app development

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