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Analysis Of CV Section Text

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Calculations & Coda Tricks

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1) List of Sections from Table

This is all the sections written out, shown in a bulleted list per CV. (List of lists)

Contact, Education,Skills, profile, Work Experience, Skills, Extra, Interests, References
Profile, Experience, Personal Info, Skills, Education,Professional Development,Languages, Honors & Awards
Professional Summary, Skills, Work Experience, Education , Professional Development, Achievement, References, Education, Professional Development, Technical Skills, Achievements, References
Professional profile, Work Experience, Contact, Education, Skills,Achievements, Additional, References, Other Responsibilities, Accolades & Memberships
About me, My Contact, Professional Experience, Achievements, Hard Skill, Soft Skill, Educational Background
(Profile Implied), Education, Awards & Honors, WorkExperience, Personal Info, Languages, Skills
Contact, Skills, Other Skills,Personal Profile, Work Experience, Education Qualifications
About me, Education, Work Experience, Contact, Skills
Professional Profile, Core Skills, Education, Qualifications, Work Experience, Additional Information, References Available
Personal Info Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Education, Athletics, Interests,
Personal Info, Skills, Education, Relevant Experience, Personal Projects, Additional Activities
Profile, Skills, Work Experience, Education History, (Contact Implied)
Summary, Contact, Skills, Tech Skills, Education, Experience, Achievements, Interests, Social, References
(Profile Implied), Experience, Education, Skills, References, Contact
(Contact Implied), Professional Summary, Education, Relevant Experience, Skills, Awards
Profile, Skills, (Contact Implied), Work Experience, Education History
Education, Work Experience, profile, Skills, (Contact Implied)
Personal profile, Accomplishments, Education background, Work Experience, (Contact Implied)
Professional Profile, Core Skills & Achievements, Education, Hobbies & Interests, References available

2) Combined and Sort Section List

Created one single combined list
split the items by commas (”,”), trimmed any spaces, and sorted the list A-Z
note that the “(” items go to front of the sort. (I will clean this up in a table)
(129 Section items in one list)
(Contact Implied)(Contact Implied)(Contact Implied)(Contact Implied)(Contact Implied)(Profile Implied)(Profile Implied)About meAbout meAccolades & MembershipsAccomplishmentsAchievementAchievementsAchievementsAchievementsAchievementsAdditionalAdditional ActivitiesAdditional InformationAthleticsAwardsAwards & HonorsContactContactContactContactContactContactCore SkillsCore Skills & Achievements Show 99 more
We clean this up when we present this list in a table we can do calculations on. See Green Column “” in in

3) Combined and Sorted Macro Section List

Created on list of macro sections:
sorted by the number value for “Count of Macro Sections”
displayed the combined text of “Macro Section + count”
(12 Macro Section items in one list)
skills (26)education (20)profile (18)experience (18)contact (12)achievements (11)references (8)misc (5)hobbies & interests (5)personal (4)development (2)
This list is used in in

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