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Lumanu Ad Access 2.0
Lumanu Ad Access 2.0

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Best Practices

Meta Recommended BCA Best Practices

1. Partner with a mix of macro influencers (1M+ following) and aspiring influencers (<100k followers)

For lower-funnel performance, there is no difference in performance between established and aspiring creators.
Leveraging both strategies drives:
Incremental reach to new audiences over BAU ads
CPA performance improvements by increasing audience liquidity
For upper to mid-funnel campaigns, established and aspiring creators drive more engagement:
+71% higher social engagement
+19% higher clicks vs. aspiring only

2. Show the product early in the ad

Showing the brand in the first three seconds drove 44% more brand interest

3. Design for sound off

Video creators are accustomed to leveraging audio. Make sure they understand that their creative must ultimately work with sounds off, but delight with sound on.
Ads designed for sound off drive 38% more brand interest.

4. Short and sweet (under 15 seconds)

Ads + mobile-first best practices see twice the brand awareness compared to non-optimized creative.

5. Weave in the brand mention creatively

There are plenty of ways to integrate your brand thoughtfully into your creative. Make sure your creator takes the time to integrate your brand thoughtfully and authentically.

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