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24 Inches Straight Bulk Color 22c

24 Inches Straight Bulk Color 22c

We will become different and more attractive when we change a suitable hairstyle. This article is for you if you are still looking for reputable hair models and distributors.
Ivirgo Hair Vendors will introduce you to the 24 inch straight bulk color 22c hair model - the most suitable hairstyle for many faces today offered by wholesale hair vendors.

Product Features

Straight bulk is woven hair and hair extensions. It is a form of real hair synthesized from natural human hair. This part will attach to the head by braiding, gluing, or weaving, depending on your preferences and needs.
This product will help you have long, smooth, natural hair and easily change your style without much hindrance.
With the safety criteria for users from the manufacturer, you do not need to worry about any problems affecting your health because straight bulk does not use chemicals and has been thoroughly tested.
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With lengths from 6 inches to 32 inches, you can choose the size that suits your hair. Your choice depends on your preferences. Yet, those with thick hair only need bundles 10 inches at maximum. It can make your head heavier and bulkier.
Loose curly Natural Color 4X4 Closure HD Lace $33 - $83


You will have many choices, including black, dark brown, bleach, and dye. Besides these primary colors, you can also bleach or re-dye. Its pre-dyed colors are easy for you to bleach and overlap.
Meanwhile, the hair layers from the wholesale hair vendors are all polished through a selective process so that they will be more buoyant, firmer, and smoother than normal hair.


Each bundle is usually at least 100 grams. If you can't come to the place to buy, you can buy through the website from 300gr/3 piles or more.
If you need to re-wholesale or buy multiple grams, you should contact your supplier early so that they can promptly process and ship the goods to you.
Don't worry about stock shortage because our website can supply bulk from 1000-2000 kgs/month.


When buying any straight, curly, or wavy wig, you have two options: natural and synthetic hair.
The manufacturing process is the same, but artificial hair is taken from chemical fibers other than hair, so it is not as soft and smooth as natural hair. For this reason, we only supply natural hair made from 100% real hair.
They may be more expensive than synthetic ones. However, they will be more beautiful, sound, and safer.


Buying a wig can be difficult for those who are new to it. Below are frequently asked questions regarding the product to help you avoid unnecessary confusion.

How long does it take for extensions to stop hurting?

If you have never had hair extensions before, you will feel a soft and uncomfortable scalp the first time you use them.
Not only that, but poor hair glue technique will also cause your head to be stretched. For this damage to stop, it will last 3-5 days. However, with thin and sensitive scalps, the damage lasts throughout the first week.

Is it hard to sleep with extensions?

It is a problem many people worry about when using extensions. You will sleep very comfortably even after wearing extensions for many nights.
Make sure that the hair extension is into small and thin patches. The adhesive tape must be solid and narrow to prevent hair from falling out while sleeping.

Do hair extensions make you look younger?

Deep wavy natural color 13x4 Frontal HD lace $75 - $150
Although hair extensions can't change your age, they will impact your appearance. You can look younger if you choose the right hairstyle for your face.

Are hair extensions worth it?

About the look, hair extensions can only compare to the way you do your hair outside the store for a few hours.
However, in reality, hair extensions are well worth the investment. Its low and convenient price will shorten your hair treatment time significantly.
Besides, if you are afraid of the risks after a haircut affects your face, you can choose hair extensions to try.
Hair extensions also add length and thickness to your natural hair. You can take it off or put it on as needed.

What happens if you leave extensions wet?

If the hair extensions are left wet for a long time, the hair roots will be intertwined and lead to matting. In these situations, immediate disassembly and maintenance are required.
In the most unfavorable situations, you should not take down your hair extensions yourself but need help from a hairdresser.
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You will become even more radiant if you find the right hair extensions size and color for your face.
Hopefully, with the above sharing, you better understand 24 inches straight bulk color 22c. If you found this article helpful enough, you can order it now.
Do not hesitate to leave us a question when you have questions regarding this product. Thank you for reading!
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