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Getting started with Hackvertor

Install and set up

Installing Hackvertor

Setting up Hackvertor

Install the Hackvertor extension for Burp Suite

To install the Hackvertor extension in Burp Suite:
Open Burp Suite or Burp Suite Community Edition.
Click the Extensions tab.
Click the BApp Store tab.
In the top-right corner, click the Search... box. Type in Hackvertor.
In the list of extensions, click Hackvertor.
Below the extension description, click Install.
In the top navigation bar, a tab called Hackvertor should appear.
Congratulations — you’ve successfully installed Hackvertor! Here’s some of the things you might want look at next:
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Load and unload the Hackvertor extension

Once you’ve installed Hackvertor, the extension should be loaded and ready to use. However, you might find that the extension isn’t appearing. This might be because the extension is installed, but not loaded.
To load or unload an extension in Burp Suite:
In the top navigation bar, click the Extensions tab.
Under Burp extensions, look for Hackvertor — then:
If Loaded is ticked, Hackvertor is active. Click the tick box next to Hackvertor to unload it. The Hackvertor section will disappear.
If Loaded is not ticked, Hackvertor is disabled. Click the tick box next to Hackvertor to load it. The Hackvertor menu will appear in the top navigation bar.

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