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Product requirements document | Seedify v.1

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PRD Document of Seedify

PRD for NFT Launchpad and redesign process of blockchain gaming launchpad

How Might We Questions?

Each product should be designed to make the user feel a certain way. What is the specific emotion of the users when they use the Seedify Launchpads?
HMW we create diverse earning opportunities for our community and communicate this with our branding?
HMW create more impact in the blockchain ecosystem meantime?
HMW creates a frictionless user experience between IGO, INO and IMO launchpads and create a sense of integrity in the user journey?
HMW create a fulfilling member experience for Seedify users?


Target Audience

Professional traders who want to earn more with Seedify and diversify their revenue streams through the platform.
New comers who need to be onboarded and learn to use the platform features and also wants to explore Seedify’s features without hesitation and anxiety.
Angel Investors
IGO, INO, IMO Investors
Gamers and Play-to-earn gamers
Crypto newcomers

Problem overview

There’s a market opportunity for Seedify to be ubiquitous on the web 3. The success of the Seedify Initial Game Offering platform (IGO) leads us to think about further projects with the popularity of the Metaverse and NFT marketplaces. Also, there are some expectations of the existing loyal users’ like professional trader persona who wants to explore new and creative ways to earn more through Seedify’s launchpad so we need to evolve the product to meet market standards and user needs.

Goals & Success

What does success look like? What metrics are you intending to move? Explain why these metrics are important if not obvious.
Earning new users and site traffic with improved SEO. Perfect user onboarding that can communicate the value proposition, benefits and guides new comers.
Increased IGO participation and staking
Adoption of NFT Launchpad and participation Initial Metaverse Offerings (IMO) and Initial NFT Offerings (INO)
Increased touch-points with the target audience and brand adoption



Unsuccessful onboarding and complicated platform that confuses native users even more.
The disinterest of the expert Seedify users’ to the NFT Launchpad
Security concerns of the users


Dark and light version for accessible design (?)

Key feature

Give an overview of what you’re building. This could include an organized list of features or a discussion of you’re not building.

User Scenarios

John Doe is thinking about participating IGOs and learning about how to participate in them. He heard one of his friends talking about the Twitter accounts and Telegram groups for play to earn games and when he looked up them on google he couldn’t understand anything from the chat and tweets. He was overwhelmed by the information and terms. When he found Seedify, the platform gave the information he need and guides him through his first IGO experience with an informative flow. He understand every step and didn’t need to look up and try to remember what he did and why. He understood the process from the platform that explains how Seedify works and the IGO project’s page in the beginning.

2. Expert trader scenario

Key Features

Seedify going to have 2 launchpads;
Game launchpad
NFT Launchpad

Landing Page

Google Tag Manager should be integrated into all platforms of Seedify and track user activity to take actions backed by reliable user data. User behaviours on the platform would give insight for future requirements and improvements.
Firstly, the landing page should inform the user about Seedify briefly and creates the trust in the beginning of the page.
When the user scroll down, she can see how to participate in IGOs, IMOs and INOs from the illustrated brief sections that the user can scan and understand quickly.
If the user wants to learn more or more of a beginner type of persona, the landing page should direct the user to the FAQ or Academy page that explains concepts and terms in a detailed manner.
Help documentation can be supported with video contents, gifs and step by step guidance with the text.
Partnerships that is made should be seen on the top areas of the landing page to show reputation.
The most frequent FAQ can be shown at the end of the page with accordion menu that expands and shrinks.
The main navigation should include IMO, INO, IGO, Profile Page, FAQ, Blog , How it works
When the user switched on IMO, INO or IGO pages, she should understand that they are different platforms. So she can take distinct actions in them even if her profile pieces of information and data stays the same.
IGO launchpad should be designed more like a different universe and different “seeds” growing in the newly discovered planet. So the user should participate in that process intentionally without feeling lost, but guided by immersive and supportive design.
Landingpage should explain the main value proposition to the user and give brief information about Seedify.

Seedify Academy, Editorial Contents and Content Curations *

We should adopt content strategy for NFT marketing and new user adoption strategy. Blockchain Researcher Kathryn Mitchell mentions the importance of content creation and educating the users on the Geek Culture in medium: “The NFT art with the [Perfect content marketing it can reach the greater heights with full potential. The Contents expresses the technical flow and be a guide that expresses the emotions that art tends to say. With the perfect creators, content marketing will be the fortune maker for any NFT, and particularly for the NFT arts, they are on the next level.”
Video Marketing involves various types, promotional videos in order to increase the hype among the people, and technical videos that clearly explain the architecture of the NFTs. Informative videos that explain the ability of the NFT to be marketed. In the end, video marketing is the best to communicate information about the particular NFT to the common audience.
Email Marketing will notify and give constant updates to the people who shared their mail adresses. This strategy will be effective, and it will surely increase the popularity of the product as they are targeted among the people who are more likely to invest in the crypto era.
Online forum promotion on quora support accessibility and increase visibility on the web. Especially new users have lots of questions and they are looking for answers on everywhere.
✔️ Reduce your reliance on sponsored advertising.
✔️ Increase client retention by engaging them on a regular basis.
✔️ Give your consumers a say in the development of your company.
✔️ Sell directly to your community.

IGO Redesign Key Features and Improvements


The new design of the platform should highlight the point that we can guarantee the allocation of the user (except tier 1) as a competitive advantage in the market. The user expected to be willing to participate IGOs on Seedify when they know this information.
Design should beware of the carousels and ad-like banners because according to the , ad-looking banners creates “banner blindness” and the user skip the banner automatically.
Light and dark version of the site should be available for accessible design.
IGO homepage should navigate the user to see the IGO participation infographics first and then guides the user for discovery of the upcoming and past IGOs without creating any confusion.
The Homepage should show the most successful IGOs according to the return of investment and also show all time highs
The user should see the amount of money that is raised by the platform until now. (Total Value Raised)
The IGO that has the closest date should be highlighted and be at the top of the visual hierarchy.
When the user lands on the homepage, high-quality media content (such as game video of a project) about the IGO projects should be drawn the attention of the user so that the user can understand the game content and be more motivated to participate on IGO or explore more on Seedify.
The user can easily access updated version of the white paper / Tokenomics of the Seedify from the platform so that she can understand Seedify as a launchpad and trust.(Should be updated by Levent Cem Aydan.)
The main CTA buttons should be design in the same way that affords action so that the user perceive the buttons as a group of elements that have the same function.
The elements that have the same function should be designed in the same way to prevent the recalling of the information every time.
The main CTA buttons on the hero section should be apply as a project and buy SFUND.
When the user clicks on "Buy SFUND", a pop-up should appear and show Kucoin, Pancake Swap, and other available options and direct the user to the relevant page so that the user can understand that those options that the pop-up includes are actions related to buying SFUND.
When the user connects the wallet the interface should guide the user to complete KYC and then inform the user about the KYC process trough notifications.
Notifications on the platform should be available and user can reach all relevant updates from one place. The colour of the information in the notification dropdown can be differ according to the information type. (colour coded notification grouping.
Buy SFUND button → Kucoin, pancake swap and selection pop up
The homepage should onboard the projects with a smooth user flow without creating confusion.
The user should see the IGO date and time according to the local time zone so that the user can participate in the IGO on time.
Project information cards communicate that they are clickable and the user can go deeper into the hierarchy.
How to illustration should be under the hero section
The homepage should show ATHs like total funds raised, market cap


The interface shouldn’t want wallet connection from the user when the user lands on the page for the first time.
connect wallet button should change with sign “sign in” button and the interface briefly and openly explains why the Seedify game launchpad needs wallet connection before getting the data.
The user should access the articles and beneficial resources from How it works or Blog pages from the main navigation so that if the users want to learn detailed information about Seedify and how they can use the platform, they can easily navigate the provided contents.
The search bar should be on the main navigation so that the user can access the search function anywhere in the platform.
There should be a dropdown heading on the main navigation that shows the most useful combo tools. The dropdown menu that opens when the user hover over the Tools heading should show , and tools.
FAQ should be on main navigation for easy access by the user
Notifications should be available for the user so they can reach important informations like IGO starting time reminder, Claiming reminder, KYC verification request and also the result of the KYC verification process etc.
The user should be able to add e-mail address to receive notifications to their inbox.
When the user connect their wallet, sign in button should turn out user’s avatar as a circle and when the user clicks the avatar that affords Profile, dropdown expands and shows tier of the user according to the SFUND on the wallet, total ROI of the user (for motivation), my profile and sign out options. what the user wants to see in the dropdown

IGO Project Detail Page

The project page should have relevant and high-quality media content that illustrates the project in addition to the text explanation. (We should consider that some projects don’t have high quality media content and create the plan B)
Any reference should be seen by the user immediately. (referans derken neyi kast etmiştik?)
The user should be able to share the pools through direct messaging apps and social media platform so that the pool can create organic traffic.
Coinmarketcap API can be used for the important IGO informations below.
Tokenomics, the team, unique selling point, macro outlook, partners and investors, who owns the token, total market cap, total circulating supply, how deflationary or inflationary the project is,
On the project detail page key metrics and informations like a ticker, blockchain network, token supply, project valuation, initial token circulation, initial market cap, platform raise, token listing, start date and time (according to the local time zone), end date and time (according to the local time zone), swap rate, vesting should be given to the user.
The user should be able to find visualized infographics and easy to read Project summary, go-to-market strategy, product viability, product roadmap, Reverse streams, product dive, tech used by the project, team, backers, token economy, detailed token metrics, token distribution, token release schedule informations on the IGO detail page so that the user can feel that they are making a decision relying on the data. We are replacing angel investors investors. This informations are indispensable for specific personas.
How to participate as a project? text link should be available on the project detail page so that if the user explores the other projects before application, the interface directs the user to the information page and then guides the user to take the desired action (application). The user can navigate quickly from project detail page.
Project roadmap should definitely be provided to the users because we want them to take forward-looking decisions rather than selling earned tokens.
Whitelist winners should be added to project detail page for more user traffic. Users should be able to come and check their wallets from the project detail page.
Transaction success and failure should be understood by the user and the information should be visible.
Claiming page - The user should be able to add contract address directly from claiming page and should not have to add the address manually. there should be interaction element that adds SFUND to the user’s wallet.
Staking Page In the Calculator tool, it should be stated that the form of rewards going to be SFUND..

IGO profile page

IGO calendar, Tracker tools should be implemented to the main navigation under the name of Tools. The user can also reach the same tools from their profile page
The user can see their assets and give permission by selecting public (can be seen by other users) or select private from options.
The user should be able to see which IGOs are they participated until today so that they can see the data of their full journey on Seedify game launchpad.
The user should be able to see their total ROI and other motivating metrics.
Participated promotional events and total winnings can be shown on the profile.
The user can see which categories and what kind of game IGOs are they participating the most. (It should be like Spotify’s content that is produced at the end of the year according to user’s unique data.)
According to their IGO participations, the interface should direct the user to the related or suggested NFT assets of the game on NFT launchpad.
The profile page that shows participated IGOs and notification center are great interaction points for smooth transition of the user from IGO launchpad to IMO and INO launchpads.

IMO Key Features


Mystery boxses
The homepage should be designed for 2 main type of users: creators and buyers.
The user should see brief infographics about what is IMO and how the user can participate it on the homepage.
The user should understand how they apply and participate in IMOs from the homepage.
The user should understand from the homepage that the IMO is different from NFT marketplaces and also the competitive advantage of it.
The first time user should understand the system before the interface make them buy something including SFUND so that the user can understand and trust the Seedify.
At the end of the page the user should be able to see FAQ accordion menu with the most common questions. The user can reach more through How it works? page on the main navigation.
There should be different application options for different user types such as apply as a brand and apply as an artist or team and these CTA buttons should be on the highest visual hierarchy with the IMO participation CTA button.

Explore Page

The user should be able to see top categories, top artists and top brands from the explore page and this page should create a discovery journey for the user and give inspiration and guidance for check out.
As the user use the platform the explore page should be customized according to the user’s interest and buying decisions for increased check out rates.
Users should be able to filter items according to artists, brands, price, date added, chain and rates (how are we going to categorize products? Which categorization provide more context and prevent confusion?)
Contents like “suggestions from experts, artist close up, brand collection story etc.” should be provide to the user for increased time that is spent on the platform and they can see the platform as a qualified information and content provider.
There should be gamified journey on the platform and when the user spends time on the platform and use social elements they can earn points that can be converted into SFUND if they reach a predefined level.
“The advisors” group can be created according to their level on the platform.
The advisors and other levels can “Like” the projects but they should take limited number of Likes and the interface should inform the users before they like anything about their limited number of like right.


Submit your portfolio (?) CTA button should be on the main navigation so that the user can access from anywhere on the platform.
The explore page can be accessible from the main navigation.
As a first time user, the user should see informative tooltips when she hover on technical terms and abbreviations.
Tooltip interaction permission can be re-activated from the settings page with a toggle
Metaverse grant programs or other opportunities for target user personas can be accessible from the homepage and keep updated so the user can take action and feel included.
The user should see the updates and new opportunities from notifications center and be informed about important updates like changed time and dates.
Notification center should be available so that the user can see all updates and important informations in one place.
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