What's In The Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) Pack?

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This is a simple FAQ for our pack and docs as related to Dropbox Sign.
❔ What are the columns in the Document Repository sync table?

🎯Where do I create and send contracts from?

At the moment you must create and send contracts from within your Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) account. We are working towards making it possible to send contracts directly from Coda docs but, we’re not there yet!
We hope to release the ability to target and send existing Dropbox Sign templates with this pack in the near future.
To learn more about what we’re working on next check out .

💲 Do I need a paid Coda account to use this pack?

Nope! You don’t need a paid Coda account to use this pack unless your Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) account data exceeds the thresholds of the Coda free account.
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💲 Do I need a paid Dropbox Sign account to use this pack?

Yes, you will need a paid Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) account to use this pack. You can use ANY paid account level, including enterprise and API-only accounts.

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