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Getting Away with Natty

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Hi :)

Hi Natty!
This seemed more fun than a long text message. Pepper stole an asparagus while I did this! I even created a custom GPT model to talk with me called ‘Voyage Planner’ that would help scan for flights, lazy rivers, and celiac safe/aware resorts. It had mixed results. I was going to create a weighted equation that asked you for your preferences - how important is a lazy river, jacuzzi, rainfall shower, etc. and then come up with a suggested resort, but I realize we’re probably more price sensitive to value (defined as ability to relax and drink on a beach, everything else feels somewhat secondary) so that didn’t make a ton of sense.
Instead this will be a little walkthrough of the four countries I did research on, and their top resorts - cost to get there from the airport, amentias, pools, all that. I didn’t include Jamaica as they don’t have any direct flights home, and that doesn’t sound super fun!
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