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Instant Insight: The Tarot as questions for meetings

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The Tarot without superstition

The Tarot does not tell fortunes. If you strip away the superstition, the Tarot is a language that describes different states in the process of change. The power of the Tarot is essentially literacy. Where someone without the "power" to read, sees little more than a mess, a literate person finds Shakespeare.

Tarot for retrospectives and strategy

The Tarot is an amazing source of deep, open questions. If you want to get some really interesting insight from your team, try pressing the button below and asking everyone in your team to share their thoughts on one question for each card.
It has never failed to produce some very valuable insights.
This is an ongoing experiment to gather a useful database of questions. I’d love any feedback and ideas.

Pick three cards

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Pragmatic Tarot

This tool has been created as part of Pragmatic Tarot - a mission to get rid of the superstitious mumbo-jumbo around Tarot, and present it as a practical, systemic framework for understanding change.
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