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22 Questions towards more ethical data science and A.I

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22 questions to assist teams and organizations to hold deeper conversations on ethics.

Use the questions in order, or at random, to explore ethics from many different perspectives.

Tarot - as an ethical framework

The Tarot is a "book of changes" - a holistic theory of how all things begin, mature and end. If you remove the superstition about fortune telling or any kind of magic, the cards are a very well established, systemic theory of change. The structure of the cards works by presenting a set of archetypal questions to the reader aiding in the systematic exploration of complex issues.

This document outlines an attempt to apply this system to the complex space of ethics in data science and A.I. - looking not just at data use, but also at the organization and the creative process.

Since each card in the Tarot represents a rather large concept, this document is a tool to collect possible questions that each card could represent, in order to explore different possible angles, and to refine the focus and phrasing of each question.

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