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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1
Hex Gorillas 1.1

The Project

The ongoing effort to destabilize the market
Hex Gorilla - Live Life in Color
Each Hex Gorilla (HG) is a unique hex color that will never be duplicated. That’s where the simplistic nature ends. Although the Hex Gorilla seems docile and cute, it has a bite. In Phase 1, we begin this adventure with our initial launch of 100 unique HG. This initial 100 will be what we are calling the "Genesis Stage." Hex Gorilla, exclusive to the Talis Protocol and Terra blockchain,, will be geared towards building the community and acquiring the necessary interest to advance to Phase 2. In Phase 3, where it really makes it's impact, the platform will introduce our DAO, and tokenomics. Partnering with Terra and Talis, the effect on the community will be substantial.
Each HG will include a unique hex color as well as the globally recognized names linked with that color. These names and other details are derived from , and the details are supplemented by various designer-inspired sites such as , , and many others. Needless to say, we did our homework when it comes to the color palette of the "Genesis" collective and how those colors and codes will function in the future.

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