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Hex Gorillas WhiteCanvas 1.1
Hex Gorillas 1.1

Ok. Math. Gorillas?

With over (color) options available, we need a way to determine a "less than random" output from the breeding mechanics. Consider this: if you knew that just roughly 1600 truly rare hues existed among those 16 million, wouldn't you want to make sure you had the chance? What's amazing about our breeding technique is that I basically just handed you the cheat code. Of course, color, like any other design element, is subjective to the spectator. However, we did not go into this undertaking unprepared. And the case for color has already been proven in one Tezo project. has some of those rare colors right now, being sold for 300 Tez. "," () is a color that was formulated by scientists to represent the actual Absolute Zero. It is extremely rare to see in any webpage, and in fact I would argue the only time the color shows up, is to cite how often it does not appear.

The Common Crawl
is a repository. That's a bit of an exaggeration. Did you know they have a backup of the entire internet dating back to 2008? When I first learned about this database, I was in my senior year at Cal Poly, and my thesis topic was the rise and fall of technology. My professor directed me to the Common Crawl. I had everything I could ever want after figuring out how to gain its knowledge.
We had a big question to answer with Hex Gorilla. What are some colors that are almost never used in HTML or stylesheets? Some, believe it or not, have almost never appeared on a website. I won't give too much away, but there are 6 of those rare colors in the first 100 mints.

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