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What kind of designer am i

What kind of designer am I?

11:00am: Gloria — Intro — 5 mins
11:05am Gloria — scope the “Player card” exercise — 5 mins
11:10am Everyone — personal design time — 20 mins
11:30am Everyone — share back to group — 30 mins (2 mins x15)

Hello and welcome to the Pokemon lab. We’re about to embark on a journey to find out who you really are as a Designer.
I was given a mission by the one and only Professor Green to find out the answers to these questions:
What sort of designer do you stand for?
What do I represent?
What would other designers remark about you?

Truth is, I almost had an identity crisis. I tried to look inside myself but I couldn’t find the answer.
So then I turned to trusty Google in search for the truth and stumbled across this quiz called What kind of designer are you?
To my utter surprise and slight disappointment, I got “Party Animal” (interesting label). Which they’ve described as
Obviously I was a little confused..? In all fairness, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but that wasn’t really the answer I was hoping for.
So what did I decide to do? I decided to create my own version of designer types using Pokemon player cards as inspiration (kudos to Iain for bringing that to my attention).
So if you go to the link, you will find a player card which I’d like you to fill out in the next 20min. What you’ll need to do is to include the following:
Mission: what is your goal as a designer, what inspired you to become a designer
Top 3 superpowers: if we were to actually draw your card in a Pokemon battle, what strengths would we be betting on?
Stickers: it would pick your one Canva value that represents who you are as well as the design principle that speaks most to you
We’ll have 20min to fill out this template (purely a guideline, so feel free to change up the colors). Once you’re happy with your design, chuck it with a link to your design.
We’ll get this printed out for you so we can each have our own player card

NB: If you choose to use emojis, use the ones from the elements tab because text emojis won’t be printed out properly (symbols).

If anyone has another idea for the front cover, please feel free to design something else (bonus)

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