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Giovanni Trappolini

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Giovanni Trappolini

Assistant Professor in ML @Sapienza University

Hi everyone!
I am an assistant Professor in the @ under the wise guidance of . Previously, I got my PhD (2022) with a thesis on Geometric Deep Learning with Prof. .
My current research project lies at the intersection of multimodal deep learning and information retrieval. In particular, lately I have been experimenting with RAG models. Hit me up if you want to know why Neural Databases are the future!
I welcome collaborative opportunities and have had the privilege of partnering with numerous world-renowned institutions, including Stanford, Technion, Meta, Amazon, TII, and UniPi, among others.
I am also the creator of , the best Italian large language model (LLM) to date!
Click here for an extended version of my:
270.1 kB

News! 📰

Che out our latest paper: !
In December (’23) I will be in San Francisco invited by
participating in their Workshop. If you are in the area and want to talk hit me up :)
Fauno 2 is coming out soon, stay tuned...
is out! The best italian large language model to date!

Contacts 📢

X (formerly Twitter)
Email: giovanni (dot) trappolini (at) uniroma1 (dot) it

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