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Ultimate Frisbee Team Management

Keep track of your schedule, meeting notes, tournament attendence, roster, and more, all in one place!
This doc can help you manage your ultimate frisbee team, or you can adapt it for any other student team or organization.
It has a few different important parts. There are several sections intended for every player on the team:
Basic info about the team for all players to be aware of
This section is for players to add themselves to the roster so you know who they are and how to contact them.
Make it easy for a team member to come in and tell you whether they'll be at each tournament!
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In addition, there are several sections intended for use by captains who need to manage the team.
When you have a team meeting, you can jot the notes down here.
Here you can look over your roster and see who's going to each tournament. You can also remind people who haven't responded yet.
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