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Alumni Testimonials

“Tacklebox gave me the courage and strength to really take my idea and start-up forward. It also provided a community with the cohort who were going through the trenches with me and that created a real support group.” Sara Wadud, Cohort 22 - Tkoor
“You should join Tacklebox if you want to be held accountable for doing the right things instead of the fun things when starting or considering to start a new startup.” Taylor and Rhett Carraway, Cohort 21 - Happy Medium
“Anyone who has thought about starting a business, whether hi-tech or bricks and mortar. Tacklebox will help get the idea out of your head and onto the playing field to see how sustainable a business it can become. If you're fishing for a new startup idea or new product to create, don't leave home without your Tacklebox!!” Kevin Clarkin, Cohort 18 - Pay it Back
“Tacklebox helps flesh out and test a founder's assumptions about their particular startup. From the idea itself to customer outreach, this accelerator is invaluable to a founder's journey. Highly recommend!” Johnathon Buttler, Cohort 20 - Hue Influence
“Short term - I can trust that my weekly agenda is being set in a way that makes the most possible sense. Long term - I am setting the stage for what could be. These are the building block saned I know I'm being guided by someone who understands this process well, so in hindsight, you're giving us your best advice about how to start to create the most potential success later on.” Rachel Serwitz, Cohort 15 - I am woken
“After just six weeks I am SO close to making money and can actually see quitting my day job as something realistic. I have a base product and am piloting it with 10+ women. Most importantly, I have a clear idea how to test, evaluate, learn, and re-test so I quickly and cheaply iterate on works to build something truly valuable that customers want. I also know how to pitch it, and have a sense of the VC process. I also have clear frameworks for how to build a company should I want to apply it again.” Ilse Paanakker, Cohort 13 - Habit House
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