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Product Updates

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Launch Month
Launch Month
2023-12 December
Microsoft Clarity added to app
Replaces session recording and analytic capabilities of Heap/FullStory/PageSense
Last four of credit card
New POS field now live for Heartland, Bob’s, Square, Toast, Verifone
Employee name for CBP
New POS field now live for CBP
People counting validation tables
Enables checks when setting up Hella and Uniview people counting
Retention period UI
Customer admins can change per camera, per location camera retention periods in the app
Diagnostic checks
13 automated system diagnostic checks are now live. Support was trained on Dec 13.
2023-11 November
SalesIQ chat live
SalesIQ in-app chat is live for CS/Support teams
Video latency reduced to 15 seconds
Latency was exceeding 30 seconds. We’ve reduced to 15 seconds.
Last four of credit card
New POS field live for Adora, Aloha
2023-10 October
Revel POS Integration
Revel POS integration is live. Certification is complete.
Drive-Thru V1 Dual Camera Support
DTv1 has been updated to provide support for locations with two separate lanes/pickup windows/cameras.
Mobile Dashboards via iFrame
Users can see dashboards on mobile devices. This brings mobile to parity with the desktop app.
Users can view the dashboards in the mobile application
Users can toggle the filter menu on/off (Sisense UI)
Dashboard options are optimized for for mobile experience
User email and Userpilot announcement are WIP.
Unlink Edge Devices
Edge devices can be unlinked from locations. Formerly we had to delete locations and edge devices could not be reused.
Adora Discount Type
Adora customers can receive verbose discount types via Adora POS integration. User email announcement is WIP.
2 Hour Clipping
Max clipping duration increased to 2 hours
Saved Search Sharing
Admin users can now create a Shared Saved Searches for certain members of their teams to review. This expands the existing individual Saved Search functionality by giving management the ability to show their team members what is important. This is primarily a building-block feature that will enable Custom Audits, however, Saved Shared Searches could be for new employee reviews, discount reviews, or specific location reviews. User email and Userpilot announcement are WIP.
Systems Health Dashboard | Drive-thru monitoring
An additional module has been added to the Systems Health Dashboard for Drive-thru Analytics. Savi employee will be able to see:
Devices marked as being “Unhealthy”
Uptime % (Percentage of events over the last 48 hours that are considered acceptable)
Complete % (Percentage of events that have both and enter and exit in the last 48 hours)
Accurate % (Percentage of events that have have an enter & exits, and have dwell times greater than 3 seconds)
Valid dwells % (Percentage of event that have dwells greater than 3 seconds)
Data last received at

Please note that for the external release, we softened the criteria and only show unhealthy locations if we aren’t receiving data at all or more than 40% of dwells are incomplete.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 12.45.13 PM.png
Toast Transaction ID Updated
Users that had a Toast POS integration were unable to search by “Order Number” which was the value to users use to search for transactions in admin. We’ve updated the “Transaction ID” filter so that they can now use the order number, which is also shown on the receipts as “Display ID.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.05.10 PM.png
White labeling
We can now hard-custom styling (white labeling) for different brands and partners. This currently needs to be applied by engineering, but we’ll be adding UI in the future to allow users to change those settings. Right now, this has only been applied for Marcos.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.08.28 PM.png
Update events filter menu
The filters menu in the Events page has had the UI updated. This has an icon/label pairing for each options and makes it easy for users to see what filter options are available in a single area.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.10.32 PM.png
Update Savi Logo
The Savi logo has been updated on the navigation bar to be more consistent with the primary logo that we use.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.12.13 PM.png
Display “No results found” message on Events page
We added a simple message to the events page to make it clear when no results are found based on the search criteria.
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.22.44 PM.png
Hyperlink to admin on Systems Health map
When using the Systems health dashboard, internal users can now click on the name of location from the map pin to be taken to the corresponding location in admin.
Maps Hyperlink.gif
Mobile UI updates
Add margin to bottom of mobile navigation
Hide admin tab on mobile
Remove audits from mobile
Update support link on mobile
Improve load times on mobile
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 1.24.33 PM.png
Swipe to change camera view
On mobile, users can use left or right swipe gestures to navigate to the next camera. Currently this action works the same way that that the navigation arrows do, but we’ll be working towards adding a transition.
Swipe to navigate.gif
Double-tap to change grid view
On mobile, users can double tap on the camera frame to change the grid view. For example, if a user viewing the 2x2 camera grid and double-taps a camera, they will drill down to view the single camera view. Double-tapping again, will take the user make to the the 2x2 grid.
Double tab to change video grid.gif
Systems Health Dashboard (External Facing)
External release of the systems health dashboard.
Systmes Health Map.gif
Event Clips Download
Rather than having to manually create a clip, users can now download clips directly from the events tab.
Event clips download.gif
Systems Health Dashboard (Internal Facing)
Internal users can access health metrics for each account by navigating to the account page and selecting the “Systems Health” tab. Users will be able to see the total number of locations, total cameras offline, and total edge devices offline. Users will be able to easily surface offline devices to assist in expediting troubleshooting.
Systems Health - widgets.gif
Transaction Events Timeline
Users are now able to view how many transactions happened within a given period of time by viewing the transaction icons on the VMS timeline. Clicking on the icons will open a sidebar, allowing users to view transactions from the VMS.
Transaction Markers.gif
Events-to-VMS Jump
Users can jump from an event directly to the VMS. This is effective for when a transaction occurs across multiple cameras or a transaction goes beyond the normal capture period.
Event to VMS Jump.gif
New Events Filters
New filters added to the Events tab, including:
Resolved Status
Transaction ID
Transaction Amount
Tender Type
Crisp Tender Type
Crisp updated their API to allow for integrators to receive the tender type or method of payment. We’ve updated our Crisp integration to now capture this data.
Clip Sharing
Users can now share their clips with internal or external resources via email or SMS
Stream Sharing
Users can now share streams with internal or external resources via email or SMS. Users can limit the amount of time the receiver has access as well as limiting the timeframe that a user can view.
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