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Winter Gardening
Winter Gardening

Questions and Answers

If you'd like to register for the virtual cook-along with Anna Voloshyna, Ukrainian chef/cookbook author, the registration link is here:
Anna Voloshyna
Registration link for Winter Sowing for Families on Monday, February 6 at 3:30-5:30pm (drop in event - you do not need to be there the entire time).
This is at the Fishers Library: Julia Welzen to Everyone (7:14 PM)
If you do not receive the newsletter, email Calli Mason to Everyone (7:23 PM)
Hi! I've read on a few sites it's recommended to buy sterile seed mix. Have you ever used it, do you think it's worth it? Yes! It is expensive, thank you!
Anil Thangudu to Everyone (7:26 PM) can we reuse the soil?do we need to add mix anything to the soil when we are reusing ?
Lori Lyn Price to Everyone (7:28 PM) I missed the first few minutes (sorry!). What types of plants are we discussing that can go into our milk carton greenhouse? Or do we wait until early March to plant? Thanks!
Sara H to Everyone (7:29 PM) I've been winter gardening for three years. Marking what everything is is the hardest part!
Julia Welzen to Everyone (7:33 PM) In case anyone is not sure what a brad looks like. Sometimes also called a brass fastener!
Julia Welzen to Everyone (7:33 PM) [file: {E08F6A63-0CF7-454A-A5CB-BE6E83EBD9B9}.png]
Kathy A to Everyone (7:36 PM) What was the name of the cookie cookbook she mentioned?
Julia Vargas to Everyone (7:37 PM) where is going to be the seed thing?
Thomas, Colleen to Everyone (7:38 PM) Would you suggest this for tropical plants like Luffa? I grew Luffa last year but the growing season in IN is short so I was told to start them indoors in February. I was just wondering if it’s worth it to try some outside or if they have no chance
Julia Welzen to Everyone (7:39 PM) Hi, Julia V.! Do you mean the seed swap? The seed swap will be at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds on 1/28/2023 at 9am-2pm. We also have a drop-in planting day on 2/6/2023 at the Fishers Library. I can share more details if you like,
Julia Vargas to Everyone (7:39 PM) Replying to "Hi, Julia V.! Do you..."
thanks Wendy Kiefel to Everyone (7:41 PM) does it matter if the roots are tangled when you replant?
Jessica to Everyone (7:43 PM) Hi! My wife and I built some raised garden beds and we used raise bed potting soil for those. If we used hoops and plastic, could we recreate this greenhouse effect there?
Jess to Everyone (7:44 PM) Are there any types of plants (or seeds) that you would NOT recommend starting this way?
Julia Vargas to Everyone (7:44 PM) can we start sunflower in winter?
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