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Setup a Virtual Coffee Meetup

Create and run a Virtual Coffee with this template. Centralize all information for attendees in this doc.

Virtual Coffee

We can’t justify the expenses or risks of an in-person meetup. Let’s enjoy hosting a Virtual Coffee meetup instead using video conference technologies like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Crowdcast, Webex, and Hopin. The benefit of a Virtual Coffee is that our attendees can join from wherever they are based from the comforts of their own home. Most video conference platforms allow you to record the meetup so you can distribute the recording to those who were not able to attend the conference.

How this template works

TWO working documents + ONE “output document” for public

Step 1 working document (private): team workspace
Meet with the event team to copy the to a shared workspace with the event moderator/speakers. This template includes the entire charter, pre-event checklist, place to create draft copy for the registration/promotion and outline, plus the entire post-event workflow.
Step 2 - working document (private): Setup page
Next, head over to the page where you can enter in all the information and details related to the planned Virtual Coffee event. This info will show up on .
Step 3 - Output Document (to be published)
The main page that should be copied to the GCP Cafe Public folder to publish and share with attendees is
To make look and feel more like a website, you will publish the doc after updating and copying the template to the GCP Cafe public folder in Coda.
Consider setting the Doc Interaction mode to Edit so that your conference attendees can add questions to the meetup page and those questions will get saved to the page for everyone to see and upvote (see ).
Steps on how to publish the tailored and updated page are detailed

Crowdsource questions

One of the best parts of this template is that once you publish your own version of the doc for a new Virtual Coffee event, people can add their questions before or during the main event. People can upvote their favorite questions. See the Questions section on . Here's a gif of how our group can add questions and upvote their favorite ones:
Screen Recording 2020-03-20 at 12.33 PM.gif

Tips for hosting a virtual conference

Find partners/sponsors that appreciate virtual events and email marketing
Promote your event 2-3 weeks before the event
Create a hashtag and get attendees to interact on social media
Live video using Zoom, Crowdcast, or Google Hangouts
Do a "tech check" with the speakers 15-20 minutes before the meetup starts
Check social media and the chat feature on the video conference software you're using to incorporate attendee questions and comments into the content

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