Solving Homelessness in a Lifetime

Equipping the youth with enough empathy and basic knowledge to understand the causes of homelessness permits a future free from this crisis within the lifetime of one committed generation.
Gavin Duvall 'student'
Below outlines the premise of #KindnessConspiracy a charity that hopes to lead a social movement to revolutionize the way we, as a society, collectively view the itinerant community.
🥜Idea in a nutshell
Homelessness, as an observable societal ill, is a complicated web of cracks in the national community that combine to form a monstrous issue too difficult to describe without invariably missing some details. However by taking a simplified, humanistic approach, the #KindnessConspiracy plans to partner the compassion of local activists with the practical ability of city council members in an attempt to reach a comprehensive and replicable solution to insufficient housing in swelling cities across America.

💡Dumbing it down to get wiser
Because a lack of research, homelessness has yet to be completely understood. In order to advance this project without a consensus of information, I explore how these two proposed causes may prevent finding a permanent solution.
The number one most cited reason for the existence of homelessness is a failing or inefficient housing market.
As understood by others, the lack of a supporting community and necessary social-safety-nets is the most damaging predisposition to homelessness.

In the section titled “A Glance at the Challenge,” I scrutinize both of these causes, which were given to me by different professionals working in separate areas of this same issue. By arguing these points are interrelated, I try to provide a more obvious space where more tangible action can be felt. In doing this, I must dumb this complex issue down to a mere impulse of kindness. For a moment, forget the economic models and political debates that resemble reality and literally participate in changing reality by offering more kindness to your neighbor.

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