Amphire Landing Page:

Section 1: Main Pitch


The fastest way to screen, hire, and onboard top talent
Quick Screen, Quicker Hires with Amphire
Find needle in the haystack.
Close the role faster
Find the best candidate out of the pool.
Don’t settle of average for the lack of time

Don’t settle for average! Discover the best talent for your role in less time
Interview everyone, hire the best one
<Discover/Hire> the perfect fit. Every time.
The fast lane to <hire/discover> top talent
Effortless evaluation. Exceptional outcomes
Goodbye to mediocre hires. Hello to exceptional talent.
Hiring the best talent is finally effortless.
Don’t let 1000’s of applicants slow you down! Welcome to the fastest way to hire top talent. (Inspiration - We-transfer)
Stop Drowning in Resumes - Hire top talent in no time!
From chaos to clarity: The (smartest/fastest) way to hire top talent
From chaos to clarity: The (smartest/fastest) way to skim through top talent

End the hassle of manual applicant screening. Effortlessly conduct video interviews at scale with Amphire

Section 2: How it works?


How it works?


Navigate from interview creation to comprehensive candidate evaluation effortlessly with Amphire


Step 1: Create
Easy interview creation
Instant setup
Add job title and JD to auto-generate custom interview questions.
Add role and description and let Amphire craft your interview instantly.
Add role and description to automatically generate tailored interview questions

Step 2: Share
Effortless link sharing
Quick share
Quickly share the link with candidates to appear for video interview.
Effortlessly share interview setup with potential candidates
Easiest way for candidates to start the video interview at their convenience..
Step 3: Evaluate
Insightful Candidate Reviews
Smart insights
Get detailed insights and rankings of each applicant.
Fast-track your decision-making with precise candidate score and rank.

Section 3: Use cases


Cross-industry hiring simplified
Universal hiring with Amphire


Leverage comprehensive screening solutions with Amphire, suitable for any industry.
Leverage Amphire to seamlessly screen top talent across any industry worldwide.

Use Case 1: Marketing & Sales
Heading: Boost Sales Teams
Description: Tailor interviews for dynamic marketing & sales roles.
Use Case 2: Finance & Banking
Heading: Finance Made Easy
Description: Streamline hiring for critical finance roles.
Use Case 3: Retail & E-commerce
Heading: Retail Growth
Description: Hire swiftly for fast-paced retail environments.
Use Case 4: Healthcare & Medical
Heading: Health Staffing
Description: Efficiently staff for essential healthcare roles.

Section 4: Features

Humane Interview Experience
Create a comfortable setting for candidates to truly shine.
Customized Questions for Every Job
Tailor-made queries that hit the mark every time.
Video Recording with Transcription
Review and share interviews with precision.
Easy Collaboration with Team Members
Seamlessly work together on hiring decisions.
Share Link with Candidates for Hassle-Free Application
A simple, streamlined application process.
Insights on Each Question
Deep dive into responses for informed selections.
Score & Ranking of Candidates Based on Overall Performance
Evaluate with clarity and confidence.
Hire at Scale for Multiple Roles Across Departments
Efficiently fill diverse positions company-wide.
Choose the Right Accent & Persona for Your Interviewer
Match the interviewer’s style to your company culture.

About Amphire

At Amphire, we empower recruiters to uncover the hidden gems in a sea of candidates. Our tool empowers recruitment process to be more efficient and effective by quickly and accurately identifying exceptional talent.
Amphire helps recruiters to shift focus from mundane tasks to strategic decision-making. By automating the creation of bespoke interview questions tailored to each job's specific needs, our platform ensures that only the most suitable candidates are engaged.
Our product enables conducting interviews through chosen personas, records them, and analyzes responses to deliver deep insights, scores, and rankings.
This not only speeds up the evaluation process but also ensures that each candidate is assessed on metrics that truly matter, helping you zero in on the best fit for your organization.


Tailored Question Creation
Amphire transforms the early stages of hiring by automatically generating interview questions customized to each job description. This targeted approach ensures that every interview is focused and effective, paving the way for more strategic recruitment practices.
Exceptional Candidate Experience
Amphire ensures an exceptional and comfortable interview setting that allows candidates to fully express themselves without constraints. Our platform fosters a humane interviewing environment, giving candidates the freedom to share their thoughts and experiences openly. Additionally, the flexibility of scheduling interviews at their convenience minimizes stress and maximizes engagement, ensuring that each candidate can perform at their best.
Persona-Driven Interviews
Choose the ideal interviewer persona to conduct each session, ensuring that the interaction aligns with your organization's culture and the specific requirements of the role. This personal touch enhances the quality of the interview and the comfort of the candidate, leading to more authentic interactions.
Advanced Recording and Transcription
Every interview is meticulously recorded and transcribed, allowing for detailed review and analysis. This ensures no valuable insight is missed and that all information is readily available for further assessment and decision-making.
Insightful Candidate Analysis
With Amphire, dive deep into the capabilities of each applicant through comprehensive scoring and ranking based on their interview performance. We help you pinpoint the most promising candidates quickly without wasting any time on collecting feedbacks and scheduling calls.
Efficient Candidate Evaluation
Our platform accelerates the evaluation process by automating the analysis of interview responses. This efficiency not only speeds up the hiring timeline but also ensures that candidates are evaluated on aspects that are crucial for the role, helping recruiters make well-informed decisions.


Fold 1: Main USP of the product along with mock snapshot. Make sure the heading is punchy, on point and catchy for recruiters to grab attention and click on the CTA
Heading (Title): The fastest way to screen, hire, and onboard top talent.
Description: End the struggle of manually screening applicants. Conduct video interview rounds at scale with Ampphire.
CTA: Start 7 day Free trial now
Fold 2: How it works?
Create ( Creating interview on the platform by just adding role title and job description. Our tool automatically creates assessment questions which are to be answered over the video by the candidate)
Heading: <21 characters >
Description: <66 characters>
Share (Get a shareable link that can be passed to the candidate who are interested for applying for the job)
Heading: <21 characters >
Description: <66 characters>
Evaluate (Get complete insights on candidate’s rank and score to qualify for further rounds)
Heading: <21 characters >
Description: <66 characters>

Fold 3:
Heading: Hire across all domains without any hassle with Cohesive.
Use Case 1: Marketing & Sales
Heading: <20 characters>
Description: <80 Characters>
Use Case 2: Finance & Banking
Heading: <20 characters>
Description: <80 Characters>
Use Case 3: Retail & E-commerce
Heading: <20 characters>
Description: <80 Characters>
Use Case 4: Healthcare & Medical
Heading: <20 characters>
Description: <80 Characters>
Fold 4: Highlighting Features:
Heading: Start using Amphire today, and:
Feature 1:
Heading: Humane interview experience
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 2:
Heading: Customized questions for every job
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 3:
Heading: Video recording with transcription
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 4:
Heading: Easy collaboration with team members
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 5:
Heading: Share link with candidates for hassle free application process
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 6:
Heading: Insights on each questions
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 7:
Heading: Score & ranking of candidates based on overall performance
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 8:
Heading: Hire at scale for multiple roles across departments
Description: <80 characters>
Feature 9:
Heading: Chose the right accent & persona for your interviewer
Description: <80 characters>
Fold 4:
Heading: Free start, try Amphire
Description: Amphire is fast & flexible, so companies of all sizes can transform the way you attract, evaluate, and hire top talent

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