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Timing experiment

Here’s a quick doc for running an experiment where you need to record timed observations. This is set up right now where multiple behaviors can be observed in one experiment, and those are all separate from the experiment ending. In this scenario, you would
hit start test
when behaviors happen, hit record
when the test is done, hit end test
add a new row for each test
Lots of other scenarios are possible here, like if the test should just end when you record a behavior, that should be easy to update too.
To download the data as a csv, you can go to table options → top right kebab menu → download as CSV
experiment id
Start test
record 1
record 2
record 3
record 4
End test
time elapsed
time until 1
time until 2
time until 3
time until 4
Click me
Click me
Click me
Click me
2 secs
There are no rows in this table

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