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I'd like to keep this page less about work, so more detail on that is on
Note that if you’re here, you may also want to check out for thoughts and other random collections of things.
🇨🇦 I'm originally from Canada.
🏃 Some activities I try to do regularly to stay active are playing hockey, rock climbing, working out, tennis, hiking, surfing. Activities I do less regularly are practicing yoga, squash, table tennis, golf, and basketball.
and things I like to do include hand embroidery, digital design, podcasting, and more.
that puts me in a good mood includes thrift stores, plants, animals, and decor.
🥅 My favorite hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche.
🏀 My favorite basketball team is the Toronto Raptors.
include tech, climate, and journalism. I’m trying to observe and think and write about these interest areas but also anything that really becomes interesting (that’s why I have my thought log/journal going).
🤔 Some auxiliary things I'm interested in are sports stats/analytics, and transforming furniture.
includes Kdramas, biographies, and podcasts.
I am in many places.
👥 I’m a twin. If you want to try telling me and my brother apart, try this little game below
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