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to get started.
What each page is used for:
Create templates in .
Manage recipients and their variables (properties tied to each recipient) in .
Pick a template, a list of recipients, and send emails in . You can check the emails you are about to send in .
To send emails via API, POST to the URL in the “Accept API requests” automation rule with a payload with the format
"recipients": "comma separated list of emails",
"template": "the name of the template"
Additional notes:
Template names must be unique for sending via API to work. For sending via API to work, you may also need to make sure that the “Accept API requests” automation rule is set to Take actions as yourself, since we are making use of personal controls rather than collaborative controls.
For each template, the variable lists must be defined in order. If you need to use a variable twice, you will need two entries in the variables table.
You’ll need to sign in with your Gmail account. With this doc, there is no need to authenticate as a shared account, you can make it so only you can use your Gmail account.
You can use this as is or as always with Coda docs, extend however you see fit.
For example, there are many including a
If you don’t use Gmail, there are also an

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