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Club rules

If you don't run 12 miles in a week, you owe everyone else in the club $12 each. Failure to pay gets you booted. If you no longer wish to participate, you can leave the club on your own accord.
You may not rejoin the club until 4 weeks after the last week you were active in the club.
If you leave the club twice, you will not be allowed to rejoin the club without majority club member approval.
12 weeks in you get $3 or a bagel or half dozen donut holes
Retention bonuses of $12 split between everyone that opts in are paid out on the twelfth of the month. You must have completed the 12 miles for that week by that time.
First week amendments (pending). Joining this club is a binding agreement and requires a deposit of $1 per current club member. Upon completing the first week, you will receive your deposit back if you complete the weekly mileage. If you do not receive the weekly mileage, the deposit goes towards your payments. If you choose to quit the club without completing a single week, you will not be allowed to rejoin without special appeal.

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