Rules Quality Assurance

Staging → Beta → Production

Common Problem :
Conflict often occurred when merging an updates
Developers deploying to production without QA approval
No latest updates for API documentation
Not existing timeline for features development
No clear requirements for new feature
Lack of coordination from BE and FE
Unexisting trello’s card for new features (can caused direct approval without attaching the testing results)
Lack of testing time for new features (QA need time to learn the new feature and flow, to make the docs)

Tidak ada punishment untuk setiap kesalahan dalam proses development dan deployment

QA Jobdesc:
QA can help to create a trello card for new feature (including the approved requirements from product Owner/Manager)
QA Limitation :
Developers should send a list of features that ready to deploy before deploying to production
Developers should fixed the conflict before letting it goes to production
Developers should tell and discuss with QA if they wanted to rollback the updates (to minimize the risks of damaging the feature)
Features Deployment (both FE and BE) should went to QA approval
Developers should give QA the documentation of their works (API docs: including the payload and filters). so QA wont waste a time to figure the requirements out
QA should only do approval and testing stuffs. Developers should coordinating to each other for development and deployment.

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