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Johana Riquier Bio
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Bio #1 ( Short Version)
Johana Riquier is an experienced business strategist, speaker and tech industry professional based in Senegal, West Africa. Driven by purpose, she takes pride in providing the best strategic partnerships possible. As a business developer, her goals include economic development and innovative disruption.
In addition to her primary job functions, Johana has been severally recognised by Games Industry organisations for her extraordinary commitment to diversity, equity and inclusive impact.
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Bio #2
Johana RIQUIER is a business strategist award-winning diversity advocate, guest speaker and business strategist.
She is an expert in the gaming industry in the Middle-Eastern and African markets. She is known for a pioneering approach to economic developments and for securing several gaming partnerships with governments in the region.
After an incredible journey at Unity technologies, the RT3D platform, leader in mobile games development and immersive content development, she recently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. She founded a Solutions-focused agency focusing on disruptive innovation and social impact in the MEA region leveraging Gaming and Emerging Technologies.
Since joining the gaming industry, she has promoted and represented diverse demographic experiences and social impact projects in the digital and gaming spaces.
She works head-on to advocate for the diversification of content, content creators, and communities.
2022 Updates

Advisory Board members
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highlighting diverse voices, social impact projects and games for good.
(Avril 2022)
The Johana Riquier Show Season 2
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December 2021 - Gamerging Summit brought together the most dynamic speakers presenting on Games, Games Development, Immersive Technologies and Metaverse. The summit had goals to democratise emerging technologies and position them as tools for economic development.

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