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Honing Your Craft...Skill up from 'Coder' to 'Software Engineer'

🛠 Honing Your Craft...Skill up from 'Coder' to 'Software Engineer'


Introducing our 16-week Web Dev Software Engineering Course featuring our special instructor from Silicon Valley: David Wise, former Senior Software Engineer at Meta! 🌟

🎯 FOCUS ON WEB DEVELOPMENT: Leverage software engineering best practices 💡 LEARN BEST PRACTICES USED IN THE SILICON VALLEY: Sustainable, Scalable, and Secure Coding ​👐 HANDS-ON LEARNING: Build Projects, Collaborate, and Create a Unique & Dynamic Final Project ​🚀 BOOST YOUR CAREER: Acquire High-Demand Web Development Skills

Course starts on October 9th and meets on Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings from 18:00-20:00


🗓️ Dates: October 9, 2023 - January 26, 2024 (~16 weeks*) ⏰ Classes: Mon/Wed/Fri evenings, 18:00-20:00* 💵 Monthly Fee: 15000KGS 🇬🇧 Language: English 👣 Course Format: In-Person Only 🎓 Instructor: David Wise, former Meta Senior Software Engineer ​graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, one of the Top 5 CS programs in the world
(* class schedule will observe local holidays)

Who is this course for?

🔥 Are you ready to become a well-rounded Software Engineer in today's competitive job market? This course is designed for those who already know how to code but want to reach new heights in their career. Don't miss out! 🌐

What is this course about?

🎯 Focus on important best practices

Sustainable coding techniques
Scalable & secure code design
Note: our “tech stack” includes TypeScript, Angular, NodeJS, NestJS

🧰 Get hands-on experience

Build project step-by-step
Collaborate in small groups
Create a unique & dynamic final project

🚀 Accelerate your career

Acquire in-demand web dev skills
Stand out with best practices & team skills
Leverage project management tools

📃 Preliminary syllabus/timeline

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