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Selma Jeanne Cohen Award

Instant Online Collaboration: Just Add Dance
I was honored to receive Fulbright’s esteemed Selma Jeanne Cohen Award in 2012. At the Annual Fulbright Conference in London that year, I gave a presentation entitled “Instant Online Collaboration: Just Add Dance,” which focused on methodologies to attain immediate online collaboration within groups of people, by using movement to link physical to digital actions in immersive environments.
The paper and presentation were based on a body of work completed between 2003 to 2012 in which a range of projects were realized — most notably the projects as well as numerous projects at The New School. While there are many virtual world programs, there is no other program or methodology which leverages theater and dance specifically towards virtual cultural exchange and identity exploration, nor is there any other existing initiative that leverages a shared virtual space to realize a body of cross-cultural interplay frameworks based on the common language of dance, games, and theater.
Here’s the full paper:
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