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Immersive Learning

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#IdentityMashup Lab

Deeper Dive: Exploring Identity
The #IdentityMashup lab blended immersive environments with improvisation, streaming, storytelling and identity play. Participants created (dis)embodied stories based on Jung’s shadow archetype, and explored identity through a mashup of avatar roleplaying, livestreaming and performance in a mixed reality environment.
Role: Co-creator and Director
The #IdentityMashup lab was conducted by me and Phillip Gulley at La MaMa’s CultureHub in partnership with Seoul Institute of the Arts, as part of a networked ARTALK in which participants in NYC and Seoul, South Korea, connected and collaborated.
Short stories were written, then spoken through an avatar whose face was mapped to a live video stream of the participants’ actual faces, creating hybrid physical-online identities that were simultaneously distorted and revealing.
When we creatively explore our personal histories and current circumstances, we question the nature of reality, cultural identity and home. Mixing realities and exploring pre-conceived notions of cultural identity, opens the door to a healthy exploration of (potential) bias and stereotyping — and encourages a more inclusive approach to others. As we journey through digital interpretations of identity, we adapt — inspired by our past as well as future identities.
Participants in NYC shared improvisational dance movements with participants in Seoul based on stories both groups had written and brought to life. Camaraderie was explored across cultures, where groups of strangers transformed themselves into a hunting hawk, an operating room complete with vital signs monitor, and an all inclusive organic machine riffing on words derived from the writings.

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