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Immersive Learning

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Immersive roleplaying programs that amplify cultural awareness and social tolerance
Co(X)ist leverages 3D immersive environments and roleplaying through digital avatars to promote peaceful coexistence through increased cultural awareness and social tolerance.
A lack of cultural awareness and social tolerance often leads to conflict. Education plays a critical role in teaching how to think about others clearly, critically, and with tolerance - skills that are key for avoiding conflict.
Co(X)ist champions the power of virtual and extended reality to create a more tolerant world. By placing 3D digital avatars into various cultural settings, this immersive journey challenges participants to explore different cultures and perspectives firsthand with the goal of promoting peace-filled coexistence. Fostering appreciation and tolerance is essential if we wish to create an inclusive world where everyone feels safe and respected.
As of February 2023, Josephine and her TechCamp Addis Ababa colleagues won funding to develop a prototype for Co(X)ist. She had previously worked with participants at TechCamp Addis Ababa 2022 in Ethiopia in to realize their shared goal: using technology as a tool for growth towards cultural understanding.
This builds on Josephine’s previous work in the program, specifically with leveraging avatar roleplaying games towards teaching inclusion, as well as storytelling and performative methods towards cultural understanding.

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