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Immersive Learning

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Classes in immersive environments

Immersive learning in action
Description: Examples of classes at The New School conducted in immersive spaces. Courses were project-based, so that students would learn about virtual learning environments while being inside them.
Role: Professor, Curriculum Creator & Instructor

#NSVLE Final Project Presentations

The video below shows the New School's Virtual Learning Environments class (#NSVLE, Summer 2013) giving their final presentations. The class worked with the nonprofit, , on their Remote Access initiative, a toolkit to help communities in offline/hard-to-reach places expose information about environmental and human rights abuses.
The goal for the #NSVLE class was to create virtual learning initiatives while working with a nonprofit on a real-world scenario, helping to profile the nonprofit organization’s work and raise awareness about their projects — in this case, supporting the Remote Access toolkit for indigenous communities to monitor oil contamination in the Peruvian Amazon.

Mashup Culture Guest Speakers with Chris Burke & Tamara Yadao

The New School's Mashup Culture class met with guest speakers Chris Burke & Tamara Yadao. Chris & Tamara are co-creators of , in which they mash up filmmaking, music and video game technologies in immersive space to create electroacoustic performance environments — in other words, an immersive space that can be “played” like a musical instrument.
In this tutorial, the class met in Google Hangout, and Chris & Tamara demonstrated how they use sound objects in the video game LittleBigPlanet to create immersive electroacoustic spaces that can be "played." Google Hangout on Air: 7 April 2013.

Mashup Culture class: building 3D objects

The video below is a recording of The New School's Mashup Culture class (Spring 2013) which met in the virtual world Second Life for a workshop on building 3D objects. The workshop was held in preparation for their final project, which was to build a virtual sculpture garden filled with remixable objects textured with their image mashups (co-created with classmates) and scripted with sound samples from their neighborhoods.
In the process of creating their works, the students discovered that our virtual ‘studio space’ became a kind of virtual ‘home’ for them to come to not only practice their skills but to run into other classmates, socialize and find community in a digital learning environment. 28 April 2013
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