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Mandala Thangka Course 1 (Online)

by Karsang Tamag

Karsang Tamang was born in 1989 and grew up in the Kavrepalnchok district which is located in the eastern part of Nepal. It is almost 150km away from Kathmandu . One needs to cross the Votekosho river and go up on a rough road for 60km to get there.
His father was a monk. In nepal there are two types of monks: married and non-married monks. Karsang’s father was a married monk. Karsang grew up with his neighbors being artists, while there were many artist in his village. Today many of the villagers have changed their profession.
ÖuupioKarsang started to learn Thangka art work from his uncle when he was 15 years old. He would learn 8 hours a day for the first 2 years. It was challenging for him as a young man to study painting so extensively. After two years of study he moved to Kathmandu to finsh his studies. It was quite a culture shock moving from a small village to kathmandu, but he managed.
How Thangka painting was taught to him and how it is taught today has changed a lot. For the first 5 months Karsang would only be making cotton canvas’. Later on he would be combining colors, shading, and some sketching. After two years he learnd from different teachers for about 5-6months. He has continually been practicing by himself for 8 years today.
When Karsang started to learn Thangka painting the art would only be taught to family members, and the teachings would be passed on gradually. Today he has developed a teaching method where the techniques can be taught and learned faster and the art of painting thangkas is not only kept within the family, but beyond with the purpose of teaching to paint meditatively.

Course Syllabus

Painting a Lotus Mandala


Date and Times

Dates: 18 - 24 January 2021
Time: 15:15-16:45 Berlin/Amsterdam/Copenhagen
Each day will have some homework for the next day. You make as much as you can.

Day 1

Teacher/student introductions.
The history of Thangka Painting
Going through the list of materials
Presentation of Sketched lotus mandala
Basic Sketch Outline 45min.

Day 2

Sketching, Combinging Colors, and shading

Day 3

Combing colors and painting techniques

Day 4

Combing colors and painting

Day 5


Day 6

Shading, finishing techniques
Getting feedback on your mandala from Kharsang Lama
Giving Feedback
Checking out


Draw the below lines with a pencil on cotton canvas

List of materials

Paintbrushe’s - from very fine to medium brushes
Cotton Canvas (30cm x 30cm)
Acrylic Colors

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