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Gaddr Academy

Gaddr Academy
Create the perfect environment for learning, & growth for humans alongside computers.
A physical & digital place for achieving excellence in academic with results.

START by collaborating with universities and schools.
THEN aim also towards business for more effective course projects
THEN create own Academy for students as well as target corporate learning aswell.
LATER add to the Gaddr Platform, with a smart digital learning platform with personalisation, courses, co-learning and courses.
AND THEN LATER Add Aristoo (Ai) to the platform and student learning
Biological & digital intelligence together in one learning venue.
Personalized & grouped co-learning
Physical & virtual learning.
Ai-driven & synced.
Full perfection in terms on co-learning & individual growing experience.
On-the-Place, platform based & VR-learning.
Later use personalized Ai that guide through learning based on individual progress, learning style & personality.


Coding & Programming
Tech development
Cloud env and DevOps
Machine Learning and AI
Graphic Design
Media & Digital creations
Game development

Marketing & Growth Automation
Project Management
Business management & strategy
Finance, Economy

Film, photo, video & animation
2D & 3D art & animation

Sales & Communication

Philosophy & Knowledge
Psychology & Self knowledge
Nurture & Caring

Writing , expression & speech
Medical research
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