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Codan Intro - @Frank

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Frank D. Strack

A force-sensitive human born in a galaxy not far enough away to become a Jedi.
At A Glance
I am a force-sensitive human born in a galaxy not far enough away to become a Jedi.
My name is pronounced “Franck”, like “Awesome”. This is due to my Dutch heritage.
I am married, have two step children (16 and 20 as of 2022), and have two dogs (a pit bull and a chihuahua).
I speak Dutch (my first language), English, Sarcasm, Hyperbole, and a smattering of both French and German.
I am nerd, athlete, musician, and an aspiring scholar. (It turns out that being a scholar requires a lifetime, an endeavor which I have not yet completed.)
The laws of physics do not apply to me.


I live in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle, Washington but am originally from St. Paul Minnesota, where Johnny Cash claims to have met his love in the song Big River. (He also claims to have taught the Weeping Willow how to cry cry cry, which seems far-fetched.) Nevertheless, I’m from Saint Paul, but my family are immigrants from The Netherlands and I grew up speaking Dutch at home.
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Why Coda

The better question is, why WOULDN’T you choose Coda?


I love Legos and I love how many references Coda has to Legos in terms of their precision and how building with them is an example of simplicity. (Building blocks vs. weaving.)
I live in Seattle, am married to my dream girl and have two amazing step children ages 16 and 19. My wife owns an Interior Design firm. My eldest is attending college in San Luis Obispo; my youngest is quickly becoming the family technology and automotive guru. We have two dogs, Evie (Pitbull) and Chloe (Chihuahua). They are inseparable best friends. The pit is the friendliest cuddle-monkey you’ll ever meet and the Chihuahua is a terrorist.
I am a cyclist and a skier. For a time, I led a worldwide road cycling community called Velominati which bordered on becoming a cult. It allowed me to travel the world with my bike and meet many of my heros from the sport. I also wrote two books on the subject of the culture and etiquette of European Cycling. I was also invited to the Olympic ski team.
I am a huge Star Wars fan. Huge. Let me say that again: HUGE. I have three screen-accurate lightsabers that I built myself, as well and a replica of Han Solo’s Greedo-killer blaster.
My parents own a hay farm in Wisconsin and I can drive farm equipment and know how to harvest hay.
I play lead guitar and sing in a Seattle rock band called We Are The Cells, or The Cells for short.
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