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Bid Doc and Tracker with AI

the key functionalities of the app, involve tracking bids, comparing prices, and analyzing the lowest price options. It provides a clear indication of the purpose and price of bidders in a concise way.
Others may use this Doc to Create a first draft of a Bid Doc by answering a few questions from submitted Bids.
This template allows you to compare multiple items from three (or more) different bidders and determine the lowest bid for each item. The "Lowest Bidder" column helps you identify which bidder submitted the lowest bid for each item.The "Lowest Buyout" column helps you identify which lowets price to Buyout a project. It starts with Bid Starter questions and generates A Bid doc with Coda AI.
It save time by allowing a broad view of all Bidders prices. Just Replace Bidder columns with Names of bidders. It saves time as it includes pre-built tables, formulas, layouts, can be customized and expanded upon to suit a particular Bidder use case.

There is a use case in projects where Contractors engage sub-contractors. But To make it work for any use case for bids, replace Items and prices as needed with your own ,on the BidTable. It becomes easier when you can swap in lower or higher prices to Calculate lower buyouts.
Challenges includes
Many bidders sub contractors
Attention to detail
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