Finding the Perfect Buffet Catering Services for Your Workspace

Are you organising an event at your office, celebrating a colleague’s birthday or conducting full day training for your staff and colleagues? Most of us are tired of having the same food delivered from food vendors in the vicinity. Food from delivery services are not presentable in takeaway boxes and don’t have much variety in courses. If you would like to impress your guests or colleagues in your office, then a is the perfect solution. Many excellent catering companies offer the entire team a wide variety of hot nourishment during a long day of work. Together with a complete buffet set up and chafing dishes so you can ensure that your team is able to bond and catch up conveniently in the office.
Your Buffet Catering Menu
The concept of buffet is a meal where guests are able to help themselves from a selection of dishes served on table. Buffet dining originated from the 16th century and continues to stand the test of time as a popular choice for many events. Having a delectable menu can jazz up your corporate event be it big or small. It is definitely a winning choice compared to feasting from takeaway boxes from food delivery services. You can and get some mouth-watering dishes to add taste to your mundane activities and give your events a hassle-free delicious edge.
Many dishes are loved and appreciated by food connoisseurs, we have buffet menus that can cater starting from just 20 pax. Some of the most liked dishes from our menu are listed as follows:
● Signature Curry Chicken
● Mamak Style Mee Goreng
● Oven Baked Teriyaki Fish Fillet
● Salt and Pepper Prawn Buttered Prawn
● Nested Yam Roll
You can with the caterers and come up with your own menu depending on yours and your guest's preferences.
How to arrange a buffet for your corporate event?
Four Seasons Catering will be able to deliver and set up at your preferred venue, whether it is for a big party or for a small group, we have buffets or meal boxes catered for any occasions. All you have to do is order from our website, you are able to choose a menu and customise different dishes. You can even choose delicious bakes like eclairs, cheese cakes, brownies or cream puffs. Make sure you order early to avoid any unnecessary delays. Have fun arranging your corporate buffet for your fellow co-workers!
The bottom line
Buffet catering is perfect for any corporate occasion, it need not have to be a big event to host one. If you are having a small birthday party at your workspace or you want to call some clients for a quick meeting, you can always . The extensively designed menu and professionally cooked dishes can be a hit, and the best part is you don't have to do a thing! All you need to do is relax, bond with your team and do your work while the professionals do the work for you!
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