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Custom Shield Competition

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Arduino Shield Competition

Build an awesome Arduino shield, Raspberry Pi HAT, or Adafruit wing in Flux by Dec 31st for a chance to win over $2,250 in prizes!

The Challenge

Arduino Shields, Raspberry Pi HATs, and Adafruit Wings are all types of daughterboards that extend the functionality of a development board without having to design a board from scratch. Just plug and play!
, we’re inspired by this plug-and-play philosophy and want to make it easier for anyone to create, share, and remix these types of boards with others. That’s why we’re hosting a competition to create awesome shields, HATs, and wings that can empower the next generation of hardware.
Due date: December 31st, 2022
Total prizes: $2,250 USD
Ready to get started? Awesome! We’ll be offering support through our , you can fork and build with, and other resources to help you get started. These will guide you through the process of building a board in Flux and submitting your entry.
When you’re ready to submit, please share a Flux project link to your shield using . Thanks for your participation and good luck!

Evaluation Criteria

Each application will be evaluated by a team of experts including former iPhone Hardware Engineer, Kerry Chayka.
Creativity - We’re looking for new and creative ideas for shields, feathers, and hats that extend the functionality of their respective development boards. Go wild!
Extensibility - The best shields can be used for a wide variety of array of applications. We’re looking for shield designs that could benefit as many people as possible.
Manufacturability - Pay attention to everything that makes a shield manufacturable and robust. Others will be able to find your shield in the community library and manufacture their own!
Any Platform - We’ll be sharing resources and templates to make it easy to create shields, hats, and feathers on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Adafruit platforms. Although, you can feel free to develop a shield for any platform.


1st prize - $1,000 USD + swag + newsletter feature
2nd prize - $500 USD + swag + newsletter feature
3rd prize - $250 USD + swag + newsletter feature
Community fav - $500 USD + swag + newsletter feature


Dec 20th - Early bird entry deadline. Those who submit their entries early will get a surprise!
Dec 31st - Final entry date. Please submit your entry by the end of the year
Jan 7th - Judges select winners! Also, a community favorite will be selected by whichever Shield gets the most stars!

Ready to get started?

in Flux.
by December 31st!

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